Answer The Call

I’ve put together a site that is focused on my burden for missions around the world.  It’s pretty exciting, and as emails keep coming in from different missionaries on the field, I’ll be writing updates, news flashes, and more.  So check it out now at Answer The Call.


1 comment November 14, 2006 Andrew Randazzo

I’ve Made It To Facebook

That’s right, I can’t resist the pressure of overwhelmingly better ways to network this site. So now, without further adue (ya i know, that’s not how you spell it), I present to you my Facebook.
Andrew Randazzo's Facebook profile

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The Project: Expansion Edition

Hah, did I say it was going to be a couple months before the changes would take place? I lied, it’s going to be more like a year or so. Right now I’m just going to stick with trading while I work on getting the expanded project ready.

Right now you can take a look at my About page, and there you can read the updated version of my life, what’s going on with the project, and more. If you’d like more details, or you’re a Christian wanting to help in the Paperclip 2 House project, or the expanded project, then drop me an email at and let me know.

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