April 27, 2006 Andrew

Hey, I want to hear from you; just say "hey".  You could even get wordy and comment on what you think of the site, or just any old random thing you want to say.


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  • 1. teh chris&hellip  | 

    hey its somebody from school and all, i was wondering what the crap that lil piece of paper thing you gave me was, now i see. ya, lol, this is cool and all, good luck, i dont think i would have anything to trade to you for anything, unless you get a hold of something i really want, like maybe a 6 pack of unopened cocacola from back in teh day, but ya, whatever.
    and the site is put together nice and all, im not sure if you did that or what, but its nice, if you need any help with some minor html or anything just tell me, email or ill find you at school or whatnot, and i could prolly help you…

  • 2. Andrew&hellip  | 

    hey man, thanks for the offer, I just might take you up on it.

  • 3. Emily&hellip  | 

    Hey! Sweet website…I don’t think I have anything to trade you yet, but good luck!

  • 4. Justin&hellip  | 

    hey andrew!, awesome website man, hope you get that house, it is possible.
    cya thursday!

  • 5. Justin&hellip  | 

    wat would you take for that watch?

  • 6. teh chris&hellip  | 

    yknow, i need a watch, im gonna start keeping an eye out for something i could trade you for it…

  • 7. Andrew&hellip  | 

    If you want to trade something, just email me your best offer, and it’ll be posted on the sidebar under “Trade Offers.” I’ll pick the best offer in about a week or so.

  • 8. dogster&hellip  | 

    I’ll give you my heart. Its worth something isn’t it.

  • 9. Dyanna&hellip  | 

    RE: heart

    LOL, only if you can take it out of your body so it can be traded for something else

  • 10. Thomas&hellip  | 

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  • 11. Helen&hellip  | 

    Awesome site! Design is great! Would you please also visit my homepage?

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