Actually…It’s a Pontiac

June 24, 2006 Andrew

I'm sorry I haven't been able to write lately.  I'm working at The Wilds Christian Camp this summer, and they're really keeping me on my toes.  I never got to update my situation about the car someone wanted to trade with me.  It's not a Camero, it's actually a Pontiac, but eigther way, it's still a car.  The body is a little messed up, but the engine works fine.  Hopefully I'll get the car by the end of the summer.  It may be a big flop, but it's a more realistic possibility than not.


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  • 1. Capri&hellip  | 

    I was wondering where you went. 🙂

  • 2. jblaha&hellip  | 

    Dude! I can’t believe that you already have offers on a car. That rocks man!

    I hope all is going well at the Wilds. Keep pressing on for His glory. He is jealous for His glory. Don’t give it to any other.

    Glorying in the Cross,

  • 3. Natalie&hellip  | 

    Thought you might like to check out my site, maybe we could do a link exchange as we’re on the same showboat (so to speak).
    Girl with a COSTUME Earring

  • 4. Rae&hellip  | 

    Hey Dude your links are messed up they won’t let you go to your website. ciao

  • 5. Andrew&hellip  | 

    I fixed the links, sorry, don’t know what happened.

  • 6. Ganesan&hellip  | 


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    Ganesan. :~)

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