My Favorites

Trades don’t happen everyday, that’s why I made this page. I thought it’d be cool to put links of my favorite sites here. Hey, I’ll even put up any sweet pics that I happen to come across. And if you have any links or pics that you want me to put up, then send me an email (

Paperclip 2 House on MySpace



Me- The Core

Josh Blaha- Predestined In Love

Ricky Blaha- Ricky’s Blahog

Eric Meek- Front Porch

Jon Kopp- Cross Training


Christian Groups:


Answer The Call


Oak Ridge Baptist Church

Calvary Community Church

Sovereign Grace Ministries

Desiring God


Video, Audio, Pranks, and More!

Ebaums World

Roof Jumping

Kill Some Time (especially check this one)


Worth Recognition:

Million Dollar Homepage

Kyle MacDonald- One Red Paperclip

Dave Trader- Silver Safety Pin



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